Sunday, September 2, 2007

RIP 255

After spending days getting pumped about having sleepovers, having dance parties, drinking Sparks and from mini kegs, Monster's first birthday, High School Musical marathons, watching Rock of Love, Scattegories, and even more amazing...breakfast at 255 (our favorite diner de choise). We walk all the way there basically risking our lives as we always do walking in Bushwick...only coming to find, the gates all down, locked, and with a "For Sale" sign over the menu placed outside. Seriously, why would God do this to us...ok, well maybe that's too serious, but really. Why? Just why? We even went in party hats and all. I almost cried. (Seek hiplog for more pics on our journey to and from)

Speaking of crying...I was sent a video from someone who knows my weakness for black men. Tell me you don't swoon over this hot piece? PS.. you'll never be able to get this song/his face outta your head.

I'm scared for my unborn children.

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