Friday, September 28, 2007

Nolita Fairytale

I'm in love with this new video from Vanessa Carlton. Nolita Fairytale.

Having been a while since "White Houses," a song about sex (did you catch that?), this new single came as refreshing new start for the singer. I've come to really enjoy her writing style. It's simple, yet pleasing.

I was never necessarily a huge fan of hers, but once after seeing her play live (one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Ari Hest, was opening for her), I had a newfound respect for her. She wasn't the pop artist MTV/VH1 made her out to be. She was very real...and a skilled pianist. Her experience as a professional ballerina gave her a unique style added to her music as she uses melodies that you can almost visualize dancing in your head. She has a style that I can relate to and makes it totally easy for me to enjoy.

I may have been captured by her video "Nolita Fairytale" before the actual song itself, but I'm sure you will be hearing me sing the tune around the house or in the office (Temis and I have a "song of the day" we like to have to keep us going) in no time. Whatever it is, it makes me smile.

Check out her new video and see how cute she portrays New York City (far too often viewed as dirty, dangerous, and devious) as pleasant/whimsical.

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