Thursday, March 6, 2008


Currently hating:
This website - no matter how many times I redo it, it never seems to be what I want. Prepare for another revision somewhere in the near future.

Currently loving:
Christian Siriano - A) I just want to be his BFF, B) I hope that someday he will make my wedding gown so I can look fierce for my new hubby, and C) I would have lost all my faith in Project Runway and gave up watching it for the next 10 seasons if he didn't win....but he did

Currently listening to:
A Fine Frenzy - I haven't been into a singer/songwriter like her since my obsession with Leona Naess.
MGMT - People just won't stop talking about them, but I understand why. I have this on repeat.
Yann Tiersen - This is the kind of music that creates beautiful dreams. It is perfectly placed in my "sleep well" playlist.
Once Soundtrack - As if the movie wasn't good enough, is it fair to say the soundtrack is even better?
My American Heart - You've been to my myspace page, right?
This Will Destroy You - I'm on an entirely mellow kick, and I do love this. This might be great for those days I love to spend walking on the promenade of my island and just breathe the air.

Currently digging:
Mugshots at Angels & Kings. It just seems so approps.

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