Thursday, March 20, 2008

But mom, the elephants made me late!

I swear, I'm not lying!

No, really, its true! I have proof!

The other night I was in a cab for 45 minutes (I'm too lazy to do the whole subway thing at 11:00 at night, especially when it takes an hour to get there) on my way to Angels & Kings. When I asked the cab driver what was taking so long, "Just go down 2nd'll take 10 minutes!" I said. His response, at first, made me kind of angry.

I thought the he was messing with me when he said, "The animals are coming. The elephants are walking through the midtown tunnel." I mean, I know I'm gullible, but come on! In all my four years of living here, I have never heard such a thing! Little did I know, he wasn't just grinding my gears. He was telling the truth. When I got to AK and explained my story to Rob and Katie Brown, Rob totally confirmed that it was, in fact, true.

Of course, I didn't want to look totally stupid in case I was "falling for it" again, so I went home and googled that ish...lo and behold: Myth true! The dang Barnum Bailey circus and their elephants caused me to be tardy. Geez, this sounds worse than the "dog ate my homework" bit. I swear, after all my "late" excuses, this one was sure to get their eyes rolling, but hey, I have documented proof this time!

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