Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bar none bar car

After almost a decade of traveling via MTA: Metro North, I never knew a single train ride could be so exciting. James and I might be taking the bar car from now on...just saying.

Setting: Metro North
Scene: the bar car

A vexatious woman, her husband, and child were jabbering away about whatever it was they were so buoyant about, when all the sudden, she fumbles in her seat. The half-full plastic cup of red wine she, one minute, had in her hand was now splattered all over the floor, her 10-year old son, James, and 2 other surrounding buisnessmen. She (over)apologetically wiped down the leg of one man's dockers and proceeded to mock the incident over and over again. Thankfully she left with her family after about 30 minutes.

Not too long after, we're at a stop, the doors open and people are exiting the train. Next thing you know, we hear "Stop the train! Help! My boy!" Or, at least, that's what I thought I heard. Apparently, a small child went after something he dropped on the track and fell in the crack between the train and the platform. They quickly retrieved the boy (he didn't fall all the way down), but sure caused enough excitement to get the conductor's attention and the passengers out of their seats. Phew, that was a close call.

Well the fun didn't stop there. Next thing we know, there is a full-on fist fight between two grown men. They were balding and in their 40's or 50's cursing up a storm and throwing punches at one another. All I kept thinking was: "OMG, do they have a gun?" I suppose that mean's I watch too much CSI and Law & Order? Anyway, two MTA employees broke them up, and wouldn't let anyone off the train until the police arrived to escort the two overbearing men off board.


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