Saturday, December 6, 2008

Care Bears on Fire

Yesterday I had a shoot in Brooklyn with the freakin’ adorable girls of Care Bears on Fire. They were in the recording studio working on their first album for S-Curve Records and they’re only 13! Each of them had their own style and personality and I think I might be their new biggest fan.

I sat down and talked with them, got to hear who their favorite bands are (Beck, SonicYouth, The Donnas, The White Stripes, etc.), saw their knitting skills, and found out they’re also dancers/gymnasts. Izzy, the drummer, is a perky ball of energy and Sophie, the lead vox and guitarist, has an acute sense of style. Jenna, the bassist, is a bit more reserved but she’s also the newbie to the group.

For being so young, they have a lot of talent. I’m a bit partial to their song about myspace…mainly because of their use and reference to unicorns, of course, but they’re stuff does get really catchy.

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