Friday, December 12, 2008

Annual BK Holiday Bash

We love our parties, and the Annual BK Holiday Party is no exception. It’s one of the best of the year. We get eggnog, mudballs, and dance parties, like whoa! This year…we add kittens and Jesse Johnson (senile auntie Jiscilla will be in full-on protection mode, so don’t you dare treat lil miss Eko and Keanu Robot anything but the best…feel free to treat Jesse like crap, though. Jus kidding, I’ll throw shii down if anybody mistreats any of ma buds…beware, unicorns have magical powers.)

It’s this Saturday night, so I expect to see everyone’s pretty faces. Come dressed to impress in your holiday best, and feel free to be the Santa to my Claus. Obviously, there will be a photobooth.

Some photos from the past festivities:

Board games and dance parties…a perfect match.

Dagger and I with our own makeshift macbook photobooth. I stealz voices like Ursula to Ariel. Haha Hehe HaHa Ho.

Flying mudballs…no really, there were flying mudballs. (Please note these guests have not been invited to back and take that as a forewarning…unless you’d like to scrub some 30ft high walls.)

It’s obviously love. Curbside love.

The infamous rooftop green pee chair

I was Mrs…and he was Grampy Claus.

Hipster pups rock mohawks for X-mas.

Head cases: Kel’s Kisseltoe and my purple roots.

James wetted the bed but blamed it on Monster.

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