Friday, December 19, 2008

Bash Recap

The children waiting by the fireplace for Santi Claus to come

Curbside all ready to go.

We got Parker’s special homemade eggnog

…and Meik’s brought his special store-bought cider

Senile auntie Jiscilla came to visit

Both mudballs and Gurj’s head gets nomed

We sung a song for Tyler’s birthday

…and celebrated Hanukkah, too!

Good friends, good tidings, good cheer!

Me: Daerest curbside…Sorry for literally rolling outta bed this morning.
Kells: Ok, jiscills. Honestly, that was one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life.
Me: I literally almost just peed my pants just thinking about it again
Christy: can you pls describe the fall out of bed?! i was laughing to myself at the mental pic i got
Me: omg…I’m still confused on how I did it. My feet were legit in the air and the covers came w me pulling them off erica and kels….AND it was totes in slow motion…funniest moment of my life.
Christy: so this was like a backflip? how did you go from the laying position to the tumbling position?
Kells: picture this.
you’re sleeping next to jiscilla, and all of the sudden her phone alarm goes off. she is in the middle, between me and erica. she sits up and rolls forward, reaching for her phone at the end of the bed, and proceeds to just continue to roll, do what i *think* was a complete somersault off the end of the bed, and take all the covers with her. i can only assume thats what happened, because all i saw was a big pile of covers and jiscilla’s little legs go flying into the air, accompanied by the faint sound of jiscilla saying “eep!” erica and i look at each other, coverless, and totally confused.
Thats the general scenerio. i wish i had it on tape just to play over again when i need a laugh.
Erica: HAHAHAHAHA kelly pretty much nailed it. also add in that we had been drinking heavily the night before so confusion was at an all time high.

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