Sunday, July 8, 2007

Big things

So the other night I was offered free tickets to go see Les Miserable, and instantly it made me think of my roomie. She's way into broadway plays, muiscals, and stuff like that, so I invited her to join me knowing this was her favorite broadway play. We went and got some sushi first, downed our meal as fast as we could, and hurried over to the theatre. We made it in perfect time. Just two minutes after sitting in our seat, the curtains had opened. We had orchestra seats (maybe about 8 rows from the front), and sat in the right-hand section only skewing our view slightly. It was a great show, and the actors were amazing. Of course, the child actors were my favorite because they're just so dang cute, but besides them, I definitely think my favorite characters were Jean Valjean and probably Epinine. A great show...but I think Wicked and Phantom are still my favorite. A lot of people, I hear, are not into Phantom that much...but maybe I like it because the last time I saw it was when I was 13, and it was my first broadway play. All the stage effects amazed me and it had lots of dancers and pretty costumes. I'd love to see it again, and re-evaluate my opinion.

Anyways, after Les Mis...Ash and I tried to get out of there before we started to look like tourists. We had to head through Times Square which we normally try to avoid. It's a NYC habitant's worst nightmare...all those tourists. No one understands the concept of walking. Everyone is looking up instead of what's in front of them. What? You've never seen bright lights and buildings before? Pshhh. Then, as I'm walking by the MTV building, I, of course, decide to look up. To my surprise, there it was...Jeremy's face. Lol. It was so weird to see him blown up the size of these gynormous windows...but cool all at the same time. They are getting so big so fast. I always knew they'd be there one day.

Then I realized as I stopped in my tracks and even took out my sidekick to take a picture...I had become one of those tourists . Oof.

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