Thursday, July 12, 2007


For those that are semi-curious of what a night at the infamous Angels & Kings looks like or for a montage of what’s it’s like to be on tour, stay tuned in. The boys of The Academy Is… have this new video out called “Neighbors” which includes footage from Pete Wentz’s birthday bash about a month ago where they were whirling around the bar with the camera in Williams face. At the time I assumed it was for TAITV, or just some crazy documentary from their tour (although, in actuality, it is). If you look closely you can catch a cameo of me talking to my Aussie (he, of course, will make another adorable appearance). I actually love this song, so you should probably go download it right now (wink, wink).

“Neighbors” by The Academy Is… of their latest album “Santi” :

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