Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Oh me, Oh my! What to do, what to do?"

Oh yes, once again...we were THOSE girls last Tuesday night. I'm beginning to see a pattern, and Jiscilla's sober days are slowly drifting away. However, I notice my drinking results in not necessarily volume, but lull, slinty eyes, giggly laughter, dancing "in my own world," and excessive picture-taking. I'm finding I say things that don't make sense (which is normally something I do while I'm talking to someone and falling asleep at the same time), and high-pitch giggling so much to the fact that I can hardly breathe. My friends are hilarious. Enough said.

Well, like usual, Mary fed me half of the drinks she ordered because she doesn't like to be drunk on her own, and before we know it...we're the trainwrecks we always aspire to be. (Please note: There is a fabulous T-shirt in the making that ALL MUST BUY, but I'll explain more details on that when the time comes.) So as none of us planned on drinking, we all definitely got a lil' more intoxicated than planned. I even took a drunk walk home with Mary, Perry, & Josh.

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