Friday, April 4, 2008

Pop is back...that's a V Fact!

Last night I went out to shoot the newest and hottest boy band to hit the market. Think N'sync but more adorable. Ok, I'm sure they're super hott to the 15 & 16 years out there....Actually, what am I talking about? I'm a cougar....they're hott!

Anyways, their name is V Factory. You can check out their myspace, but for now, refrain from googling them. You might come up with something very work inappropriate (come on, Warner, buy that ish out). You've got 5 (*ahem* hence the roman numeral "V") heartthrobs. Each boy fits the bill with their own boy band persona. There's Asher (the JTim of the group with his abercrombie looks), Jared (the charming one that dates Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical), Nathaniel (the stylish one with the bad boy looks), Nicky T (the comedian and the one sure to get all the laughs), and Wesley (the super friendly, adorable one...the baby of the bunch). I really don't think I can pick my favorite. They are all too cute, super sweet, and I totes adore them.

I began by taking group shots on the stage before the show. They all have Crest white perfect smiles, and are extremely photogenic...perfect for those awkward in-action performance dance shots. They will be sure to melt girls' hearts across the world. After I was done shooting them, they hopped down from the stage and reintroduced themselves to me. I actually felt intimated as they surrounded me like little puppies wagging their tails. It was quite refreshing, though, to be greeted with eager smiles instead of the "I'm so cool cause I'm a rockstar" vibe.

After our little mingling sesh, it came time for them to go back stage and prepare for their entrance. The room was filled with about 100 guests including all sorts of music execs and their teenage daughters, major magazines publications, and anybody that could influence the future careers of these blooming pop stars. Tommy Page (former 80's popstar), who is responsible for the birth of V Factory, introduced the boys. Then, further, came down a screen from above that showed off a clever video montage of the boys introducing themselves. Music began pumping out of the speakers and the fourteen year olds and their moms with video cameras began cheering, clapping, and "woooo'ing." I actually had to hold myself back from smiling like a giddy schoolgirl...I had to try and act cool, ya know? I had pictures to take. I was competing with the likes of Us Weekly and Cosmogirl for lil' ol and the Warner Bros blog.

For their first New York show, these boys are well on their way to least, I think so. Their beats are super catchy and definitely dancetastic. E-40 collaborated with them on one of their tracks called "She Bad" (a favorite of mine). You'll have to try hard not to sing or dance along. Actually, speaking of...boys, if you are reading and are looking for some back up dancers, call me. I am a dancer; I have experience. I will dance my heart out for you. me.

After the show, they got bombarded with little girls, their moms, aunts and uncles for autographs and pictures. I even had to get in there. I grabbed Jared for a picture (literally grabbed him...awkwardly). We got stuck in a tango with a "which way do I go? You go left, I go...wait I go left, you go..." move. We might have been holding each other for what seemed a bit too long...long enough for me to worry that A. Tis was gonna come out from the back room and say, "Get your hands off my man!"

Ahhhh *sigh*...what it's like to feel like a pre-pubescent teen again. And this is just the start. I'm just so ready for pop to make a comeback.

Please excuse the fact that I look hideous and have no makeup on.

PS...I will post pictures from the showcase this weekend (that and from The Veronicas show).

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