Friday, April 11, 2008

Guilt is like a handbag

...or is one!

I suppose you can say I wanted to celebrate the first day of spring? Well, it wasn't technically the first day, but it was the first time NYC has felt warmth since 2007, and I got to walk to Broadway without wearing a jacket.

Anyways, yea...the guilt is finally settling in after my purchase of this Hayden-Harnett bag, yesterday.

I only have four ways to condone this:

A) I bought it at a sample sale for only $175 (originally $460).
B) It's not like every other boring Louis Vuitton/Prada/Coach bag out there.
C) It can easily be acceptable for Spring, Summer, & Fall!
D) I figured, if I couldn't justify it after about a week...I would sell it on ebay.

Oh! And did I's yellow & orange!

Ooof...maybe I should mention that I bought this Cristie Alfie bag, too, while I'm at it.

But I only bought it for $30 (originally $115)!!!

I highly recommend this super cute designer. Some of her stuff is adorable and affordable!


  1. DO WANT! Those are soooo adorable.

    I think they were excellent purchases.

  2. Girl, don't even think of selling that!