Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wedding Woes

So one of my best friends is getting married in August, and while I usually hate weddings (it’s nothing personal), I am just so stoked for hers.

I’ve thought about this a lot because, quite frankly, I feel bad hating on them so much. I swear, I can’t say this enough, it’s really nothing personal. I’ve come up with a few reasons as to why I think I dislike them:

1) Since I’m no where near this point in my life right now, marriage just sounds ridiculous. I still feel way too young for this (though, I don’t like to put an age on things). I just don’t feel grown up enough (that sounds a bit silly). None of my super close friends are married or even engaged, really (except for a very select few), so I don’t feel a part of this club.

2) The whole traditional wedding bores the friggin’ bejeepers outta me. Okay, this is gonna sound awful, it’s mainly facetious, but I’d almost rather attend a funeral. Okay, okay…obviously, not really (geez, I can practically see everyone’s eyes bugging out for that one), but what I mean is that it’s hard for me to feel a connection at weddings. A funeral is always sad, it’s much easier to put myself in a place of mourning (even if I don’t even know the person). Anyways, before I sound any more morbid…

3) Maybe I’m just jealous. Currently I do not have a boyfriend, so maybe I just wish it was me who found “the one.” It’s not that I do not know how love feels (I have most certainly been in love and it is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had), I am just, now, waiting for the right person to come along to hopefully fall in love again. I’m in no hurry…trust me.

Really, though, my purpose for this post is because I’m all for the unique weddings. I have no idea what mine will be like (if I ever even have one at all), but I’d like to think I’d make it extremely personal and to make my partner and I happy and not anyone else. I know my lady, Jessica will have an awesome wedding because a) I know all the little fun details going into it, b) the most amazing people (aka all of my friends) will be there, and c) they’re a freakin’ fun and fantabulous couple! So basically, because of her upcoming date I’ve been really getting into (and partially becoming obsessed) with other people’s weddings (we have to do our research!).

So yeah, these are some unique weddings I’ve enjoyed:

The Snow Bride as I like to call her. It’s a friggin cute idea, but I, personally, could never do it because I hate the cold.

The Canary & her fellow. Yes, I love this mostly just because she chose a yellow wedding dress. But for something simple, I think they did it so cute. Just a little wedding at city hall to make things legal.

How cute are they?

There’s more, but maybe I’ll post later and spare you too much marriage-mushiness.

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