Monday, January 12, 2009

Hi, my name is Jiscilla, and I am a blog-a-holic

Developing in or around the early 2000s (quite possibly even the later 1990s), it began as a rare, but serious disease . Today, it is found quite common, however still just as serious.

I seriously spend too much time reading other people’s blogs, but I can fully blame that on Google Reader for making it so dang easy. Seeing as there’s a million blogs I love and for all different reason, I wanna start trying to showcase them, so I can spread the love. I will start this with Never Slap The Gift Donkey.

NSTGD always provides unique and entertaining posts, though I’m not really sure what the ideal subject is. All this time I thought it was a dude writing (it’s not)…but whatever, Kayne reads her blog, and so do I.

She’s supposedly from Virginia Beach and her post on that makes me want to join a band so bad just so I can tour and see all the unique places of the world. Ok, maybe Virginia Beach isn’t the most unique place, but it does have a restaurant called The Jewish Mother just a couple miles west of it which I’d like to visit (no, I’m not jewish).

Essentially what got me to recommend this blog (besides the name) was this post about “6 useless me-facts”. I loved her #2 about how she removes the white umbilical-cord-looking thing when cooking/baking eggs…but then I got to #5, and I wished I had thought this instead of her:

“As a child, I thought the small chicken pox scar in the center of my forehead was where my unicorn-horn used to be.”

But then I thought this would be impossible since I obviously still have mine. ;)

Anyways, Never Slap The Gift Donkey.

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