Monday, January 12, 2009

Fanning Fan

I believe I’ve said this once before, but I am such a fan of Dakota Fanning. I’m not sure if it’s cause she’s so darn cute or if it’s because she’s an amazing actress for her age. Well, she’s not exactly “cute” anymore…she’s blossoming into this beautiful young girl (gawd, “blossoming” is such an awful term that reminds me of those pamphlets they handed out in the 6th grade about getting your period and turning into a “woman”…sorry, Dakota), but seriously, how gorgeous does she look? She’s so naturally pretty. I hope her ever-growing, rising fame doesn’t ruin what good she’s got going cause this girl is going to continue to get work…and lots of it. I love love love her. Yay, Dakota!

At the People’s Choice Awards:

At some other red carpet event:

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