Friday, January 23, 2009

Peace, love, and harmony

Yesterday, I had a day off and went to get a manicure and massage. I need help trying to relax so I can stop these awful migraines I get, the stress I feel, and get the sleep I’m so deprived of. My dad has been suggesting a massage for quite some time, so he bought me a gift certificate (he’s quite the believer in such health remedies and stuff like that). I’ve never had a real massage before except for the time Angela and I went to this place in the East Village (which I hardly consider “real” because it pretty much resembled a prostitution parlor), but I was really excited to see what it was like and hopefully get these crazy kinks out of my neck.

All in all, it was awesome. It obviously felt good, but what it really did for me was sooth my mind. It was so peaceful, and I felt so warm and relaxed. I think, more than anything, I loved the woman who did my massage. She’s was so sweet, so caring, and made me really want to take care of myself. I almost felt loved by her…like as if she were my parent or a close relative looking out for me. She talked to me with such sincerity (something you don’t normally get from someone who is pretty much just looking at you like a paycheck). She talked to me both before and after about ways to improve my health and wellness, and I felt completely inspired to follow her advice. As a former nurse in her earlier life, I feel like I can trust her knowledge.

I definitely want to go back again. You’d be surprised how many ailments you can help through massage therapy. Next time, I’ll have to follow her instructions more carefully, though, because I did not drink enough water after our session and I got another pretty bad headache. Apparently, you have to do so, so you can flush out the toxins that get broken up and released into your blood stream from a massage (giving one a “toxic headache”). Geez, she sure knows her stuff. I’m practically in love with this lady.

Now, I can’t wait to turn on my orchestrated music and fall asleep listening to the flutes. I’m beginning to feel like a hippie.

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