Friday, July 24, 2009

Some good reads?

I’m terrible, lately, at choosing my bedtime activities. Do I catch up on the interwebs? Do I free my mind and blog about whatever it is on my thinker? Do I lay back and just read until my eyes bleed (or in my case, fall asleep after about 20 minutes). All of them sound so tempting! Does this make me weird that these are the things I long to do after a long day at work? Sometimes I wish I were more interesting.

Well last night I chose to go with opening up a brand new book to read. After trudging through “New Moon” of the Twilight series…I needed a refresher. Parker did happen to recommend some “Chelsea Handler” to cleanse my reading palette, but I had nothing of that sort on hand (too bad, too, because I really want to read one of her books. I find her quite hilarious.).

I came across “The Wednesday Sisters,” and it is now on my “currently reading” list on GoodReads. I've only got through the first chapter, but I’m already feeling the wrinkles set in. It’s definitely a middle-aged woman’s book, but I think I don’t mind. We’ll see after a few more chapters...or if I make it that far.

Anybody else on Goodreads?…friend me! It’s where I go to pretend like I read a lot of books.

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