Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things on the internet that made me swoon today

Here we go:

Number 1, brought to you by miss Perry Greenspan. Unicorn Chaser. Quite personally, I think it’s an April Fool’s joke, but I’m secretly hoping it’s not…every unicorn needs it’s magic potion.

Number 2, more unicorns. I came across this print on Heart-Shaped Morning, and I, flat out, had to buy it. So I did. Now, I’m waiting impatiently for it’s arrival.

Number 3, glorious 80’s rainbow garb. My heart sunk when I got outbid on it from ebay, but it only makes me want to search all the flea markets in the world for something near similar to it. I’m actually extremely excited to report, though, that my mom and I have already planned out a whole summer of thrift shopping. Can’t wait to see what finds I can come up with.

Number 4, from Preen’s fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection. Am I THAT predictable?

Number 5, something a lil’ out of my norm. Sweet and so innocent. This daybed seems so cozy and a bit dreamy to me. I simply adore it. And look at the plywood walls! via Look Mom.

Perfect way to end this post…with a bed. Gnight, my lovelies.

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