Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Month Of February Comes To An End

So I guess a lot has happened since I last wrote...I'll try and sum it up in the not-so-typical jiscilla fashion.

Let's see...I've been on yet again another hiatus from dance (for personal reasons), but I did return for a couple classes here and there. On my first night returning after about a month with no dancing...of course...Cassie decides to come in and watch a class. For those that don't pay attention to my journal entries, Rhapsody has been her choreographer since day one and I dance with all her backup dancers. She dropped in before the Justin Timberlake concert with a friend (who just-so-happened to be wearing the BAPE hoodie I've been wanting for months now). Yes, she is genuinely as nice as she plays off to be on camera and she is probably even more gorgeous in person. The girl was barely wearing an ounce of makeup and she looked flawless...although, I have to admit, I like her better with dark hair.

Then...there was the Cartel afterparty which was loads of fun...but then again, when are parties at Revolver not any fun? Jessica is going to be in their next video for "Say Anything (Else)" and all I have to say about that is...it is an amazing video and tons of teenboppers will be sure to swoon...okay, and maybe some of us "older, mature" girls, too...lolz. Jessica will be the girl on the phone...look for her, she's supercute!

Ummm...then there's been some numerous dance parties going on...mostly taking place at none other than....okay, pretty much anywhere we go.

We had a Brooklyn Bar Hop the other weekend. My first time being at Royal Oak. I definitely dig, but we didn't spend enough time there to own the party, even though I know we would have if we did. Think gramma's house with fake wall candles and a bar in the living room. We then moved our party to Capone's where we literally invaded the VIP lounge section and completely took over. I almost regret not joining in on the dance party, but our cozy little room was too fun to leave. Oh, and might I add that fact that Brooklyn seems to be big on free pizza when you order a drink? Score! Oh wait...I'm lactose intolerant...still good though, everyone saves me the crust! PS...that night was way too cold and way too icy for my liking. Note to self: I need to stop wearing heels in the winter.

Last Tuesday was The Matches show at Bowery Ballroom. I was kind of in a slump and not feeling so well, so I'm a little sad to say it wasn't as amazing as a night as I had hoped (for me, at least). With The Matches being one of my current favorite bands, I wish I had enjoyed it more, but whatever...there's always next time. They still put on an amazing show.

Wednesday, my brother and his girlfriend came down to visit. It's kinda of an annual thing we have going (which really should be a lot more frequent than that), but the three of us kind of go on a shopping spree together. Last year, between the three of us, we spent over $2,000. Yeah, we tend to do a lot of damage...and believe it or not, my brother is the biggest spender of all. He reins all three years. But, for Christmas, Nate (my brother) had bought Ashley (his girlfriend) and I tickets to go see Wicked. It was a pretty amazing show, and I really loved the whole storyline. The lead of Elphaba had a fantastic voice and was definitely my favorite character (I guess that's typical, though). After the show we went to Alfredo's where my brother's roommate's girlfriend works (confusing, I know), and had an awesome dinner. She gave us a very generous discount, too. I had a salmon dish which seems to my new "regular" when I go out to fancy restaurants. We decided to stay in that night, though, so we could rest up for shopping the next day. We wanted to make sure we were in top condition for what was at hand. We woke early, went to breakfast, and then headed to Soho. Sadly, I had to leave them early than I had wanted (although, I'm sure that was a good thing for me money-wise). I was going to the Gym Class Heroes show later that night at Webster Hall...so I wanted to go home, get ready, and have time to rest.

The show was amazing (do I really use any other words?). I got my first listen of P.O.S. I'm a little curious to check 'em out a little further. Then RX Bandits kinda blew it away...dude, the drum solos! I don't even know if I have the words...but it was pretty dang sweet. Then, of course, Gym Class Heroes had the entire place bouncing off the walls. The girls in the front row were sure to be swooning all night long not only with Travie hovering over them, but with Marc and his supercute dance moves which I have yet to learn from him...not to mention a surprise guest appearance by William Beckett from The Academy Is... I have a video clip of this and you could hear the girls go absolutely wild. The girls, Jesse, and I were up in the balcony, though getting our dance on without having to get squished by screaming fans. I kinda like being able to move...I have a thing with getting pushed around. I don't take to it very well. Yea, moshing and I have never made friends. After that...we moved along to several different locations...all for different purposes. To eat, to drink, to party, to game? Can't say I really made it to the gaming part. Hey, dancing take a lot out of a girl.

Friday night...I accidently passed out on the couch at 8:30 and woke up at 2:30 in the morning. Ooops, I kinda missed the Friday night Revolver dance party.

Saturday, I made up for it. We started our night out in Brooklyn. Alligator Lounge...my first time. Again, a free pizza with every drink you order...yes, a whole pizza (ok, they're kind of "personal" size...but still). It's main purpose was food and drinks...mission accomplished. Jessica & Kelly's friends were in town from Michigan and I have to say I L-O-V-E these two girls. Amber and Allie...sisters and a definite good time. And as we headed out to Manhattan, Allie decides it's a good idea to challenge random late-night riders of the L train to a Chicken Noodle Soup Dance-Off...yes, on the NYC Subway. Please see video below...probably the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while. Allie is my new best friend. You really just have to see it for yourself...and trust me, it's a lot better in person. These other girls took it so seriously. Please note that Allie was at major disadvantage. The girl she challenged had the song playing on her headphones. Notice how Allie backs up in the corner. She'll prolly kill me for this. Other than that, we continued the party at Union Bar. Not particularly my favorite kind of place, but that never matters when Mr. Michael Oppeinheimer and I get on the dance floor. We go full out....no holding back. As a matter of fact, there was literally a crowd surrounding us the entire night, just watching us from the sides...even taking picture after picture of us making a fool of ourselves. We weren't alone...this is the kind of crowd I hang out with. We just dance the night away. I have yet to see our pictures all over the internet. One guy even pull me and Mike aside saying "We're not from New York...will you take a picture with me?" I guess we really represent the New York community! Hmmm, I wonder where that will end up. Then...as 4am rolls around...does the party stop? Of course not! We even exited the bar in full dance mode...I bet they've never seen a crowd like us before...and I'm sure they were glad finally see us leave seeing as we were the last ones there. I'm sure they had no idea that we were completely sober the whole night (yea, I'm not much of a drinker). So what to do at 4am, you ask? Of course, go to another party! In this case...to the SNL after afterparty at Room Service. Yep...they have an "After Afterparty." This party starts at 4am...no joke...and you need a special password to get in. I kind of felt cool when Allie had to whisper it in the bodyguard's ear. I'll admit I only lasted another hour and a half...and with the kind of strobe lighting they had going on, I feared I might have an epilitic fit. It was a little much for 4:00 in the morning...but again, still fun.

All in all...it's been a crazy past month. And of course, I tried to keep it short and sweet...but no, that never happens with me. That is it for now. Hope everyone had a good night...and now it's off to bed for me.


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