Monday, February 5, 2007

Goodbye January...Hello February

I wanted to make a real post before I went to here it goes...hopefully short and sweet...just enough to give you a taste of what went on this past week.

We (the curbside gang and I) had a slumber last weekend at Christy's place in Hoboken, which I'm sure you got wind of by the pictures I posted. Obviously, we had a really fun time being the dorks we are flipping out over videos on MTV, Minz minz nativz, makeup, & oreos...I know, it just makes sense, right? Anyways, it was so much fun that I think it might become a regular deal...or at least it should be.

As the weekdays rolled around, I tried to keep it low key on Monday knowing that our Tuesdays are like most people's Fridays....not to mention, at the strike of midnight (Tuesday night/Wednesday morn) it would be officially Christy's 24th birthday! Erica and Jessica being the sneaky children they are...had originally planned on getting her Young Love's new album which was marked so convienently to come out on her birthday. And for those that don't know...Christy absolutely flips out for Dan Keyes and his swoontastic beats. However, the girls got word that his album release party was that very night and was scheduled oh-so perfectly to play at the exact strike of twelve o'clock midnight...honestly, what could be more perfect? So basically, you see where this is going...we got into this exclusive party in which was held at the Purevolume Loft (and boy do they mean many flights of stairs was the walk-up?). couldn't be more perfect. There was an open-bar, we got interviewed by some weird TV station/show that came across to be foreign seeing as none of us could make out the name on the microphone, Jessica and I got paparrazzo-ed to the max by lastnightsparty's Bronque's (is that how you spell it?) during the set of Young Love's amazing show. Not to put it bluntly, but he was basically obsessed with Jessica and even pulled her away from me numerous times just to take photographs of her. I think he's found his new muse. The only downer was the half-an-hour wait for the bathroom at the end of the night...we did make friends in line, though. Then it was off to Black & White to cap off the WAS a Tuesday! Overall...Christy's birthday was much a success. PS...I recently found out I was colorblind and from New Jersey...O rly? Screw you gawker! Lol.

Wednesday rolled around, and having passed out during lunch hour (under Hollace's supervision, of course)...I opted for a 10:30 bedtime slot.

Thursday...the I wanted to rest up for the weekend and I had felt a cold coming on. I will say this though...Jessica was shooting for the new Cartel video which we all can't wait to see. Erica was silk screen-printing tees for the Permanent Me show this weekend (I wish I could be artistic like that). They came out really great. And I....I sat on my butt taking down Christmas decorations and watching The O.C. ( IS February!). BTW...The O.C. decides to get really good again when they go ahead and cancel it...go figure.

Friday, we attempted to go see Band of which we officially met the other night. I believe they're B&W regulars (am I wrong?). I dunno, but I feel like we've run into them a lot. I honestly have never heard their music, but I, why'll be a fun way to start off the weekend. So...there was a line? Sorry, we don't do lines and I'm not just talking cocaine (....yes that is a joke people, you're talkin to a girl who barely even drinks). It was way too cold to be waiting in line (although I was the first one there holding our spot). I really didn't care enough whether or not we got in...just some place warm would be nice. We walked to Revolver instead. We got there and Rachel and the boys were already there pretty much ready to go with their dancing shoes on. I don't think they ever take them off. I really don't know how they do it, but they officially managed to get the ENTIRE bar dancing, stomping, clapping, and singing. Do I raise my hands and say "Hallelujah?" Uh, maybe not...but it was fun. There was some drunkeness...mine lasted about an hour and a half (yea, I consider one vodka cranberry and a buzz to be "drunk" for me...whatevs). I actually think we called it an early night around 2:30 or so. Christy and I took the "F" home which was great on my part cause I really shouldn't keep paying for all these cab rides home. I'll become broke before you know it. A man on the way home was extremely rude to me even though I don't believe I couldn't have been any more polite (even after he yelled in my face). Then seeing as I was in heels I ended up a little behind him, heading towards the same exit (...the elevators cause apparently the escalators were closed), and he totally watched the elevator doors close in my face even though he knew I was a couple steps behind him. Sometimes, I really don't get New Yorkers...but you really learn to just roll with the punches, here. Luckily, I didn't miss the last bus home because of that little incident.

Saturday, I remained in my PJs all day ...and pretty much following into all day Sunday as well. I feel like I'm getting sick, and I'm not too excited seeing as the flu has been going around.

But yea...that is pretty much all, and it is past my bedtime. Sleep tight.xoxox

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