Monday, January 15, 2007

See for yourself

I swear, every week is so full of new adventures for me...and I'm still tryin to tell myself, it's only the first few weeks into the new year.

I feel like I've gone out this year already more than I did throughout all of last year.

I've been on a major hiatus from dance...probably my longest yet. I don't really know what's wrong with me, but I really feel like I need this break from it. I tend to put too much pressure on myself and stress has really been getting the best of me. I missed 2 HUGE auditions this week (Beyoncé and Ashanti) that I will most likely regret later, but right now, I'm content with just trying to enjoy everyday life and actually going out and having some fun...something I rarely allowed myself to do. Eventually, I'll get back into the swing of things...I know it's just everytime I get an update or a bulletin from Jonté, my heart starts beating and I'm so itching to dance again. [PS...for those that don't know, that gig I got dancing for an up and coming solo R&B artist kinda gotta taken away from me....and basically because I'm white, too. It wasn't said that way, but it was pretty obvious. I was the only white girl and (not to boast, but...) I was definitely better than most of the girls in rehearsals. Plus, the choreographer loved me, and he said he'd keep me in mind for future gigs (when he said nothing to the one other girl he let go)....but I doubt any of that will happen anytime soon.] As for Jonté though...or Ramone...let me just tell you, you'll never meet anybody in the world like them. I'll post a video below...but you HAVE to keep an open-mind and put aside any homo-phobia you might have. Their taste is very risqué and definitely over the top (and I must recommend that you do not click on the first video below if you do not wish to see a man in a speedo. I do see the humour in this, so I totally understand if you laugh...but this is just Jonté, Ramone, and pretty much everyone else I dance I'm used to it). Regardless, they are extremely talented and have danced with pretty much everyone in the buisness...not to mention Miss Janet Jackson. They're super sweet....completely comfortable with their sexuality....look hawt in make-up...and can dance better than anyone I've ever met....not to mention, better in heels than any girl I've ever met.

As for the last week or so in review...we started it out with Revolver down on Rivington. The place had walls decked with the king, himself. Since it was a Thursday, it was kind of a quiet night. Steve (Are I) was in town visiting and the girls' friend, Sarah (aka Ultragrrrl) from Stolen Transmission, met up with us and even bought our first round of drinks (which was much appreciated due to my lack of cash flow). Christy was diggin the bartender, so when we finished our first cranberry and vodka, we decided to get up and get another drink. At that point, I ended up telling her my whole life story and we definitely bonded...not to mention, got a lil tipsy at the same time. The night ended early around 2:30 (early for us, at least...but hey, some people have to work the next morning). So as the work-day for Friday rolled in and out, we were ready for another night at Revolver but ended up at Kabin instead. We were challenged to dance-offs, but some of us were a lil bit busy hating on the opposite sex. Although, most of our entertainment from the night came from the other room across the way where we could see this big white lady falling all over these two small black dudes in which one was doing michael jackson moves all night. It was such a sight, but you really had to be there. Buuuut, that was even the most amusing part of the night. We left around 2:30 or so to head out in search of McDonald's fries when all the sudden as we're about to cross the street, a car makes a turn in our direction. Some crazy guy stick his head out the passenger window and screams in an act to scare us....his plan worked genius-ly! Both Christy and I, literally screamed at the top of our lungs in horror all while taking a enormous jump backwards. You would think that a zombie had just popped out of their grave...or as Christy would like to say, it was like a grave ride (I believe she meant a haunted hayride). We laughed sooo hard, I could have peed my pants, and thank God I did not. Laughing all the way to McDonald's we lost the crew we were with and it ended up just being Christy, Kelly, and I. It was too late for me to catch a train home after that, so I ended up sleeping on Kelly's (the most comfortable) couch (in the world). We woke up early to get bagels (oddly, I chose fig newtons and potato salad instead...don't ask, I have no idea). On my way home, I came across two parrots perched on the side of a trash can that read "Please Curb Your Dogs" shoulda said something more like "Curb Your Parrots"...but it didn't. When I got home, I took another nap just so I can get ready to go out yet again for Round 3 at Revolver. I got a late start as usual, and the train wasn't running to Delancy, so I ended up going further west than I had planned. I had to cab it...I ended up too far out of the way to walk or wait for another train. When I got there it was much more crowded than the night before and we still managed to get a good seat (which is not the easiest at bars in NYC). An old friend from S-town ended up making an appearance....Mr. Tony Leone, himself. It was nice to see him since it probably has been 5 years since the last. Benji Madden from Good Charlotte (aka Joel Madden's identical twin) was DJ-ing so we, of course, had our dancing shoes on. The owner of the bar was diggin Rawan...and that pretty much sums up the night, or at least for what information I choose to disclose.

Right now, I'm too tired to continue on, so I'll leave with saying I posted pictures up from this week. Hopefully I'll have more for you next week from this past week (try making sense of that).



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