Friday, January 5, 2007

Another shot at a quickie...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just lost my entire post! I just wrote a long entry (that was supposed to be a quickie) and now it's gone. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'll try and cover what I remember, but this is so frustrating to do.

First off...I just want to say not to worry...I do plan on doing a review of 2006 like most bloggers in this internet world. I'll have you know though that this will almost postively be a "friends-only" post due to the fact that it is personal to me. I've been through so many ups and downs in 2006, and I do want to state things I want to work on for 2007. I really want to work on myself...becoming a better person for not only me, but for others, too. Taking it one step at a time.

And speaking of goals for 2007 (Erica and I have our own lil pact going on)...I've already took a step in that direction. A huge change for me, as most have probably already noticed, I cut my hair. I mean, it's not huge deal for some people...I didn't shave it all off or get a mohawk or anything...but coming from a girl who's basically had the same hairstyle for most of her life (long, brown, straight...aka plain & boring)...a change is definitely a positive thing for me (I'll discuss this more in my 2006 Review, I'm sure). It basically all started with my hairstylist, Ray (yes, we're on a first name, "sup buddy," basis...swoooon!). He kinda inspired me to finally dye my hair, and for the first time ever, I did! It was the day before Thanksgiving (watch out world, this girl is stepping out) and ever since I tried that, I've been progressively getting more ballsy...hence, the new "do." This time around, I gave him an idea of what I was looking for and then just told him to do whatever he's that for trust? The color has basically completed faded out by now (it was temporary)....and Ray and I have been discussing a new route post "emo/hipster/whatever genre you prefer" cut. He wants to do something like a dark cherry chocolate (feedback?), and since I haven't talked about him enough (this is joke)...can I just say he's currently one of my favorite people. I feel like I've been friends with him for years, we have such similar views...and he so gets my awkwardness! I usually hate chatting it up with hairdressers and such (it's just mindless babbling), but this guy is just a totally rad dude...and with sweet tattoos. Too bad he's married, has a son [Eisley], and with a daughter [Mazzy] on the way ( in probably right this He even said I can call him whenever if I wanted style advice or stuff like that (no...not his personal phone...the salon's) and he told me to come back every couple weeks or so and he'll trim my bangs and fix up my "do" ....and (wait for it....) for FREE!!! Hella sweet deal...considering he doesn't come cheap (but hey, he's worth it). Ok I really going on and on about the dude that cuts my hair? Ummm, yes I am. I'd totally die if he was lurking me right now. Hahahahahah.

Ok, but since I have gone on and on about my hair, here's a couple pics (you know where to find the rest).

I posted these pics a couple days ago and are (obvs.) from the Curbside Srry2Say Tour 2006. And speaking of............

Srry2Say Tour 2006 was a sold out success! Srsly, we (the Curbside Gang) had an uhhhhhmazing time on our Rhode Island Road Trip to see Monty Are I (dude...we love these should too...just sayin). There's sooooooo much to say about it, but since I tried writing about it once before and lost it all...I'm kind of exhausted on writing. Not to mention...Jessica is the journalist of the group, so I'll leave it up to her to tell the

That's it for now, to get ready for night #2 (of 3) @ Revolver. parties are in the near future. ;)



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