Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doin it for the puppies (& kitties, too)!

Well, last night was amazing...as expected. Big ups to Stolen Transmission for hosting the event to support all those puppies & kitties out there. Monty Are I officially owns my heart...as if that's any surprise. Please, please, please...if you haven't listened to their album "Wall of People" yet...it is a must! And even more so...go see their live show...you will NEVER be disappointed.

So last night began with my ass being late...again. Not too, too late this time, though...only by about a half hour (hey, it's usually an hour, but srsly...I live in flippin NYC and I live on a damn island AND getting anywhere takes at least an hour no matter how hard you try!). Regardless, I did get there just in time to catch the start of The Oohlas acoustic set. I seriously heart them, but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. I felt like the only played a couple songs, and I wanted to hear more. Buuuuut, I might have enjoyed them so much that they really might have played a full set, and I didn't even know. Eeeep, oh well. Oh, and Ollie (the lead singer of The Oohlas) is the most adorable human being on this earth. Her voice sounds as innocent as a 4-yr old even though when you listen to her lyrics, you find that she is definitely not....I'm sure she's still as sweet as she looks, though. I kind of enjoy them acoustic. Those "la, la, la's" in "TV Dinner" are so fitting. Annnyways, the next band up was Bright Light Fever. I only have one of their songs, so I don't know their music really well...however, I still bopped my head to the beat. Then (drumroll, please)......MONTY ARE I. I swear, I never get sick of their songs. The girls and I all moved directly front and center. It was a small stage so it was definitely an up-close and personal show (ie...Steve spilt approximately 3 drinks on us). They began with "Anchor & Hope" which I believe ruined Erica's plan to run around with the Rhode Island state flag...however, no worries...it did make it's appearance. For those that don't understand this gesture, if you do your research, you'll know that it's all in appreciation of this very small state. Also, I turned into my alter ego...Paparrazzo Jskilz. I got some really great pictures of Steve, Ryan, & Andrew...but I can never seem to get any of Mike or Justin. I'll update with pictures later. We danced around like it was our job...and quite frankly, I believe it is. I'm sure the boys love us for it. All the madness ensued till the complete end of their set. It might be one of my top 5 fav shows ...but I believe I say that after every one of their shows. The night continued on, following with The Photo Atlas who I've been wanting to hear for a while now. I've been hearing so much about them from Jessica and Erica. They've been raving about them since CMJ. I can't say I paid close attention to them, though, cause I was doing a little bit of mingling...but from what I heard, I liked. I might need to buy the album now before I give my final consensus. And lastly, Permanent Me came on, who I actually like and have heard before. I didn't pay nearly as much attention as I planned. I was talking to everyone that felt like I haven't seen in forever when it really has only been a week. By midnight, the place was clearing out so we decided food was a good plan. We walked a half block to a pizza place where they didn't except credit cards (I'm lo on the flow)...and where I ended up de-cheesing my slice (shout out to all my lact-ies out there). A cab ride home pretty much ended my night for me...leaving me to say, all in all it was a fun Monday night.

OH...PS....I dyed my hair black! Lol! Did ya notice?

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