Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Quickie

Ok so I went back and read my entry from last night, and I'm not too sure if it made sense, but in my head it definitely did. So take it as you will. Kinda makes me feel a bit vulnerable putting my feelings out there, but whatever. I meant what I said.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know....I have tons of NEW PICS up! Pictures from my trip to Tennessee about a month ago and pictures from two Paramore shows (one in Long Island & one from The Knitting Factory here in the city). Feel free to take a gander.

Plus, hopefully sometime in the near future, I am looking to put up more video links. I have tons from our dance classes at Broadway Dance Center and they are crazy hott. Which also, brings me to Cassie. I'll definitely mention more about her later, but y'all should be watching out for her cause she's gonna blow up real soon and her entire album is definitely hott. Rhapsody has been working with her and she's been in and out of BDC a lot. Check her out if you haven't already (

Aight that's it for now...I gotta get back to work...Much love!


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