Sunday, April 30, 2006

NEW Pics

Yep, NEW PICS. These ones are from another Paramore show...this time in Wilton, CT at the Trackside Teen Center. It was a cool place that was basically just a big house with a small stage in the garage. Couldn't really see anything unless you were in front (Heather, Christi, and I had to stand on chairs at the Merch table just to see), but then someone pulled the first alarm during their first song and this resulted in mad chaos. Everyone had to gather in the parking lot and wait for the fire department to come. I think Bayside got on top of a vehicle and started chanting to the crowd, but we were in the back of the building waiting for everything to clear. And then, since there's apparently a curfew in CT or at least Wilton, they only let them do 2 more songs cause Bayside had yet to go on. So yea, a lil crazy, but nonetheless another good time.

PS. I think I need more LJ friends....or do I? I dunno. I kind of enjoy my lil clan. Still not a LJ expert, though.

Peace n' Love,
J Bizzle Nizzle

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