Sunday, August 22, 2004

Weekend in Saratoga

Hey everyone! Just got back from Saratoga. It was such a fun time (like always when I'm with my frizzies). I went up to Albany on Friday to stay at Mel's with Joj & Kelly. We picked up food from Cavalieri's (which is well worth the drive) and watched a movie. And even just gettin' to do that would have been so worth my trip up there this weekend cause I love hangin with my girls so much. But of course, that's not all we did. We went up to the race tracks in Saratoga on Saturday to do some gamblin. We met up with the Long Family and their mafia friends, and good ol' Johnny Maf got us into the Paddock to meet the horsies (which are supposed to worth millions) and got his friend the Bugler to come up and play some tunes for us, so we were definitely VIP that day and everyone thought we were either rich or famous. Of course we really didn't win that much money, though. $6.20 was our combined total winnings. But afterwards we went to Siro's and got hit on by tons of older men and by that I mean from ages 30-80 (Remember Kelly: "WOW" and "Thank your mothers when you get home cause it's all natural and it's GOOOD"). Then 'Ryan Phillippe' gave us a "cab ride" back to our hotel in his car. We got ready to go out to eat and go out downtown. Joj got meet Manute Bol (good one babe). The girls surprised me with another birthday cake. We took some shots with our waiter, and then we headed downtown where we got in for free. I felt so sick the rest of the night, but I still had a lot of fun. I got "reeled in" by an attorney. That was definitely a first. We sang really loud at the top of our lungs in a group huddle like the loud obnoxious girls we can be. Then we decided to leave cause someone wanted food, I stood in the middle of the road to hail a taxi, and went for a 30 minute taxi drive in the opposite direction to drop some boys off at their million dollar homes. We got back to the hotel and the girls jumped on the beds while passed the F out. Overall, it was a crazy crazy weekend. Had so much fun. I love my girls.

Here are my highlights from the weekend:
1) Hittin up the race tracks w/ our total combined winnings of $6.20
3) Hangin out w/ the Mafia
4) Gettin to meet the million $$$ horsies w/ Johnny Maf & having people think we're famous
5) Dancin & Singin w/ the Mafia & the bugler
6) Meetin Manute Bol (good one Joj)
7) Shots w/ our waiter *wink*
8) My first time "gettin reeled in"
9) Cavaleri's
10) The Banger Sisters
11) The sprinkler
12) "Excuse me, but apparently I have an extreme case of....."
13) "Thank ur mothers when you get home"
14) "Yo Doggy" "That's so funny"
15) VIP treatment

Gotta love livin the life of the rich and famous.

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