Friday, August 20, 2004

Sooo...What do ya think?

Out of the 60 something hits I got on the site today, not one person signed my guestbook or even posted a comment to my last journal entry. You can do it anonymously, too, ya know? You don't have to be a registered user. So if you really hate my guts, go all out. Well actually, I'll prolly end up deleting it if it's really mean, but feel free to write what you want. I'm trying to add some interaction here. Maybe I'm just too much of a computer nerd and not many of you know how to actually do it. It's easy, I swear!

But anyways,... I actually got called into work tonight which I definitely wasn't expecting. I was with Gilmore, though, so it wasn't that bad, but Lord, if it was just Me and Mertle, I woulda had to shoot myself. The worst part of it all, is I have to be into work tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM for the Pink floorset. Sooooo on that note...I'm hittin' the hay. Peace & Love.

Yay! Pink's Coming!

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