Thursday, August 19, 2004


Hey guys!
I told you I've been workin on a new layout. It's kinda got a "Heaven/Dream" theme going on? Do you like it? I know you're prolly more interested in me updating the pictures, but I got really sick of the old layout. Plus, I'm using a bunch of different systems to help my site from going down so often, so that's a plus, right? I'm still in search of a photo gallery database that I can get for free and have tons of space, too, but haven't found anything yet. I'll let ya know when I do. But since, this is all kinda new...all my journal entries have been deleted off the main page, but you can always find them in my journal archive that I have on the left link bar. And because of that as well...I decided to post up the pics I added from the last journal entry on August 16th. Hope ya like. I'll try and get new pics up as soon as possible! Talk to y'all soon.

Love always,

P.S...Also, I forgot to mention that with this new system I got goin here, you can post a reply or a comment to any of my entries. You'll see it on the right hand lower side of each entry.
P.P.S...Don't forget to sign my new guestbook!

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