Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yum yums

Tonight I made some more!

Though it may be vegan, I'm not exactly sure how healthy it was. I wish I knew how to count calories and things when cooking, but I have no idea. I'm actually trying to keep a food diary. I'm not getting too serious about it, but I'm just curious what it is that I actually eat. Paying attention to it has really shocked me in a lot of cases. I don't think I eat horribly, or exceptionally either. What really got me is the serving sizes and what size portions I eat and how it all adds up. It's crazy how easy it is to overeat.

Anyways, my dinner was really sweet (the tofu and the rice). I usually don't like sweet things unless it's dessert, however, tonight, I guess I was in the mood. The tofu recipe, I got from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan...the book Tyler had given me as a gift.

It's called Orange Sesame Tofu. Not too hard to make at all, but may take a little bit of prep time (marinating the tofu for at least an hour is recommended). Originally, I saw another recipe suggested as a sidedish to the tofu, but when I found I didn't have all the ingredients, I looked up something similar online. It's very simply called Coconut Rice. I excluded the lemongrass and just went with the coconut milk and sautéed onions...oh and I cut the recipe in half. You could definitely taste the coconut, but I want to say it wasn't too overbearing. I honestly think the onions made the recipe, though. To go along with everything else and to bring color to my plate, I bought a huge batch of asparagus. I'm obsessed with green vegetables! I seriously can't wait to eat my leftovers tomorrow.

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