Monday, December 21, 2009

Angels on Bare Skin

I lied! It's not Herbalism I tried from's Angels on Bare Skin!

I'm referring back to my post I made about all the Lush products I've been captivated by. I thought I'd give an update on my product review.

First of all, the picture above makes it look like a lump of poop, but really it's a lump of heavenly sent amazingness. As I've mentioned before, I definitely have problem skin so I was super wary about trying some product that has never been recommended by my dermatologist. It's only been a week, so I can't really do a complete judgment call until I would say about a month (to see how my skin really takes to it). However, so far, I've noticed a HUGE change in my skin's texture and it's balance between having combination skin. I'm not even exaggerating when I say my skin feels so smooth. I literally noticed after the first use! Not only that, my skin doesn't feel dry in any random spots anymore, and the oily T-zone I normally have seems seriously under control. I'm literally in awe of this product and how it's worked for me so far. It hasn't cleared up any blemishes or anything like that. I don't really have any at the moment, so it's hard to tell. I definitely do get them, though, so I'll let you know how that goes in the near future. As for now, I'm super impressed and give Angels on Bare Skin two thumbs up.

Lush has been changing my world one product at a time. I am a newly devoted Lushie. Anybody ever try any of their products? What do you think of them? I'm really curious to know.


  1. I just bought Angels on Bare Skin and at first it didn't work very well with my super dry and tight skin. But after two weeks, my blackheads have cleared up (not completely- of course) and my skin feels so velvety soft after each wash. I love it. Also it smells nice.

    I've also just bought Fresh Farmacy. It's great for the oily T-zones and for spot treatment but other than that, it really dries out my skin too much. It cleans very well and kind of leaves the skin "squeaky clean". My skin definitely likes Angels on Bare Skin better though.

    Along with that I got a sample of Brazened Honey. I love the smell and it leaves my skin moisturized till the next day.

    I also have a lot of their soaps. My favourites are Karma and Porridge. They melt super quick though, which is definitely a con. It smells so good and leaves your skin nice and soft so whatever. I have Karma cream as well. It's not the best moisturizer, but, once again, it smells too good to resist. Some people hate the smell though, so you should try it out before you buy from the Karma line.

    I recently just bought Snow Fairy as well. It's a shower gel that smells super girly and pink. Sometimes it's overwhelming but sometimes it's just enough to make you feel like a girl again hahaha!

    I love lush. It's a bit pricey but I think, especially for the skincare line, it's totally worth it. Oh and try the bath ballistics or bubble bars. Super fun.

  2. Oh wow, you've tried a lot! It definitely is pricey, so I try my best to be choosey.

    So far, Angels on Bare Skin has been amazing for my skin...i'm so surprised. It basically makes my skin feel....normal (if that's even understandable). No major breakouts, no major dryness or oiliness...just soft and happy (something my skin is normally not).

    I've been wanting to try Porridge, too. I haven't really gotten into the body soaps, yet, though. I guess there's always too much for me to choose from so I can never make up my mind...that and I'm trying to use my money wisely. ;)

    It's kinda funny, cause I've heard amazing things about Karma, but I am not actually a fan of the scent. It's not bad, but there are so many other goodies in there that I prefer more. I think their scents are definitely very personal for each person (like perfumes, I suppose). Some of my friends love one thing, while I love something totally different. At least it's awesome they have such a wide variety. I seriously can't wait to go back and do some more shopping.