Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 things I have to say about me

Holy shiii…let me get back to blog life. Soooooo much has gone down in the past week or so. I can’t wait to recap the JMJWedding! Since I have so much I wanna share, maybe I’ll just link it/say my peace?

1) An amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” I sorta have a crush on this dude now.

2) I’m entirely over dealing with teenagers and young adults. I can’t wait until they step into the real world and get stampeded.

3) I’M 27! (Oh no…I don’t think I’ve ever revealed my age on here before. Talk about denial.)

4) non-Parker is/was the most beautiful bride ever…and I’m not just saying that cause she’s ma bestie.

5) I have a tumblr! Welcome to Unicorn Island. Come follow me.

6) Have I mentioned I got an iPhone? Two words: Life. Changing.

7) I think brunch was the best thing ever invented. Mi mi mi mimosa!

8) The Time Traveler’s Wife (movie-version) was highly disappointing. I actually expected it to be.

9) My mom makes the best pie, ever!

10) I just bought the Miley Cyrus song, Party In The U.S.A. and I like LOVE it. What can I say, I’m a Pop (not crack) addict.

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