Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Grammy coverage, I just spent the past 4 hours or so watching the Grammy's, and I couldn't have felt more satisfied by an awards show...(besides one thing, of course).

Can you believe...Paramore: nominated for Best New Artist. It feels like just yesterday I was riding around in their 12-person van with them to small compact venues. And then the day when they got their first 12-person/bed tour bus and that being a big deal...and now, they're huge, superstar Grammy Nominees! I mean, amazing is that! I knew they were always bound for big things, but this really tops the cake. I am completely elated for them, and they all looked SO good! I was crossing my fingers so tight for Jeremy and the rest of the band. I really wish they won (that would have been a hell of a belated birthday present for da jerms), but gosh, just to go to this event must have been an award in it's self. Hello, it was the 50th anniversary! Maybe next year they'll get to take home the golden souvenir.

Aww, how cute!

Well...other than the disappointment on that front, I have to say, whoever helped planned this whole event did an awesome job. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I watched an award show and congratulated them on doing a good job. Usually, I get bored and flip through the channels or just watch for the fashion choices, but I actually watched EVERY minute of this show. I couldn't take my eyes and ears off the TV. I dont even think there was one performance I could say I didn't like. I mean, from Carrie Underwood, Beyonce and Tina Turner, Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli, Rhianna...and even the little number Fergie did with John Legend impressed me. I teared up a little from the interpretive performance performed by Cirque du Soleil in tribute to The Beatles, and when Kayne did his tribute to his mother...I just think everything was so brilliantly done. Everyone looked so classy and just really paid attention to what the night was about. Uh, and Alicia Keys stole my heart tonight. Not that I'm not a fan of her, but she's not someone I'm ever dying to see (though, I think all her performances are amazing). Tonight, she just really blew me away. The opening was so endearing. It was just lovely. And her performance with John Mayer was so powerful. Then, to have all these living legends come out, too, in honor of the occasion was amazing. Musical wonders on stage like The Beatles, Tony Bennett, Keely Smith (who was adorable), Aretha Franklin, Cher, Prince, etc. etc. was totally rad. I loved how cute the duet was between Keely and Kid Rock, and I love how the Foo Fighter's were paired with the Philharmonic Orchestra. Kayne and Daft Punk...sweet! I really could keep going on and on about every I loved, and I'm probably forgetting a million other amazing things...but overall, it was the best awards show I've seen in a very very long time.

Oh and if you think I forgot about Amy Whinehouse, think again. I have NEVER liked her (not to mention she stole away Paramore's award). I really think what people love so much about her is that she's so messed up, they're just amazed she can stand up (barely) and sing at the same time. Why are people rewarding her for this? I know so many people would love to argue this with me, but this is just my opinion. Behavior like hers, I don't think deserves the recognition she gets. And congratulating her for bringing a new genre into the mainstream? Please, it already existed, you just have someone young and different to perform it. I'll stick to the classics when I want to listen to some good quality jazz music, thank you very much.

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