Friday, February 8, 2008


Well it's done...sorta/finally. There's so many hiccups to resolve, but at least there the base of the (once again) new and improved Jiscilla.Com. Bare with me while I work out the kinks. I decided to separate my blog from my photos too, cause though they come from the same world, they need their own separate entities. I hope you still continue to read my blog (I know most are here for the photos), because I enjoy writing about my life and other such non-sense. And speaking of...let's see what I can quickly cover that has gone on since the beginning of the year.

1) I dyed my hair a reddish/brown shade (and I hate it)
2) I got sick like every other 521 million Americans this past month
3) I sliced open my thumb (ouch)
4) I gave up sweets for Lent
5) I have (almost) finished reading my book, The Time Traveler's Wife (I'll probably finish it tonight)
6) I made a new website for all my friends to enjoy
7) I got asked to be a bridesmaid
8) I spent wayyyyy too much money and got charged $2000 for something I can't get refunded for 8 months
9) I decided I want to go back to school (currently figuring out how)
10) I started Trainwrecking again regularly

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