Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tricks aren't just for kids

I'm totally wandering into being the world's most boring blogger, but here's what I wanted to discuss anyway:

The other day someone offered me some of these awesome looking yogurt covered raisins. Of course, I'm thinking, raisins = healthy + yogurt = still healthy...and come on, look at the packaging! I figured, at least it's not Raisinets, so why not?

I'll admit, I'm not what you would call a healthy eater, but sometimes, I like to see if I can be. Anyways, come to find out later, these things are awful for you! Now, chances are I can eat half the bag if not the whole thing in one sitting, so let's see if I can explain some calculations I came up with.

One serving size is 18 pieces, and there are 8 servings to a bag. Per serving is 6 grams of fat (and even worse, 6 grams of SATURATED FAT), and 140 calories. So say I were to eat the whole bag...that's 48 GRAMS OF FAT and 1,120 CALORIES (that's more than half of what your average daily calorie intake should be). This just completely blew my mind.

Then, I decided to take your average snack of a chocolate chip granola bar and compare some factors. There are only 50 calories in one bar, so that means I would have to eat approximately 22 granola bars to equal the calorie intake of these so-called yogurt covered raisins! I mean, seriously!

I guess my point is you can't judge a book by it's cover (which I find myself so often doing). The packing totally sold me on this one. Bravo to them for having a great advertising team, but yikes, I realized I really need to start reading more into the labels and nutrition facts on the side or back panel.

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  1. I guess the "Fit & Active" labeling refers to the shock of the Nutrition Facts after you've polished off a whole bag... because once you realize what you've just eaten - you be "Fit & Active" to burn all that sh*t off!!