Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween happiness

Mark my word, there will be a party next year. With all the lack of haps this year, I'm just not gonna let that happen again. Halloween is too great of a holiday to go anti.

The past 5 years for me have been rough around this day as it is the anniversary of my grandfather's death. He passed just 5 years ago on the 27th of October and we had his funeral on Halloween day. Even though time passes by, I can't help but feel the pangs of sadness. This man had such an influence in my life. He was so jolly, so loveable. Everybody in town knew him. He was so memorable. He would have wanted me to celebrate this day.

Halloween was one of his favorite holidays. Every year he dressed as Fred Flintstone. He loved to give candy out to the children walking up and down the block. The young ones of the family always made a trip over as their last stop of the night. No one could be a better Fred than this man. "Yabba dabba do!"

I wish for just one more time, I could squeeze him tight...make him laugh so I can see his smile. I can still feel the whiskers of his chin when he used to plant a kiss on my cheek. And his round hard belly in between the way of my small wingspan wrapped around him when I hugged him goodbye. I miss him so much.

Everything he had was "just for you." He liked to please and make everyone around him happy. If he baked a cake, he baked it just for me (though, the next person to walk through the door, he made sure to tell them he baked it just for them, too). If it was Italian bread he bought, he bought it just for me (though, he really did cause every Sunday I came over there were 2 for me, and one for everyone else. He knew how much I liked it, so he made sure there was always enough). It was always something with him. He knew how to make everything just right for everyone.

A man that has seen the world had loved nothing more than just being home and with his family. He was a stern father of 7 boys and 3 girls but was as gentle as a kitten of a grandfather of 15. I'm so happy he got to meet all 15 of his grandchildren, but I'm so sad that half of them won't get to remember his magnetism and have the kind of memories I got to share with him.

There's nothing like a relationship between a girl and her grampa. <3

Again, Happy Halloween everyone. Tell me what you wore. I can't wait to see all the costumes.

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