Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shimmey Schwimmer

I can’t believe I went an entire season without posting about Lacey Schwimmer.

As her biggest fan of all times, I’m quite disappointed in myself. For those that don’t know my love for this girl, I’ll give you a quick rundown: she was on 2007’s cast of So You Think You Can Dance (where my obsession began), she inspired me to learn West Coast Swing (in that I’ve only been able to take one master class), we have a number of mutual friends (obviously we’re besties by 6 degrees of separation), and she was on this season’s Dancing With The Stars as one of the “professionals” (partnering Lance Bass). Did I mention the several (ok, two) occasions in which walking out of Broadway Dance Center, people had either asked for my (meaning Lacey’s) autograph or congratulated me (Lacey) on getting on the show? For one, I don’t think I look much like her, but I’ll definitely take it as a compliment. I was so stoked when I learned she booked the Dancing With The Stars gig. I’ve never watched the show before because I’ve never been interested in the whole celebrity thing, I just care about the quality of dance. But now, if Lacey stays on, I’ll be watching it pretty much every week.

Anyways, before I keep rambling on about this poor girl that now has an insane weirdo stalker…I loved their section of this number she did with Lance in the finals. Seriously…she inspires me. I’m itching to get back to dancing.

PS…Lacey & Lance were robbed of this season’s title…they so shoulda won the finale. Brooke Burke did not impress me one bit.

And just because this HAD TO BE the most impressive showstopper of the season where Lance was totally up to par with Lacey. The entertainment value, the choreography, the musicality…I was totally left speechless…freakin’ fabulous. I’m the biggest dance nerd ever.

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