Saturday, March 11, 2006

My New Obsession.....YouTube

Ok so I'm kind of addicted to this new site called It's a site that hosts your videos for free (although, I don't know for how long), but it's pretty much cool cause you can share videos and whatnot. And since I tried uploading some dance videos to my site before and didn't really have them work out too well for me, I just uploaded them there and now they work perfectly. So if you go to my media page (once again, "Make Me Smile/Cry") you'll see I added like 5 new videos. Two are from dance. One was from Luam's class this past Thursday, and the other is from Jamie's class back in October (you'll see me in the front with the camo hoodie and hat). Then 2 others are from Jeremy's show I went to about 2 weeks ago in Randolph, NJ. It was a really great performance with a really great crowd, so you should check 'em out. And then, the last one, I randomly came across on's from the Warped date I went to last summer to see Monty. Ryan was really sick that day and the quality's not great (in fact, it kinda sux and doesn't do the boys justice). But yea, videos are just as fun as go check them out and let me know if you likey.

On another should all go out and pick up the latest copy of AP (Alternative Press) Magazine cause my babe's band has a huge 2 page spread as 'Bands To Know For 2006.'

PS...I hear squirrels are looking really hott this year (sorry, I couldn't resist)...i♥u

That's it for now. Off to a good start with keepin up the ups! ;)

Much love!

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