Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Show Tomorrow, Joanna on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Updates...& More!

Hey guys!

I'ma try and make this a quick as possible seeing as I have a million things to do. My parents are coming to visit me tonight as their first time being in NYC! Crazy, huh? I'm excited though.

BDC Showcase!!!

Tomorrow is our bi-annual showcase at Martin Luther King Jr. High (on the upper west side next to Lincoln Center and across the street from Juilliard. Starts at 7:00pm. There might still be a chance to get tickets if you wanna come (just let me know). I have my parents, my brother & his gf, my Jazzyfizzle & V, and people from work coming so I'm really excited. The show is def gonna be hott! Y'all should come out for it.

Joanna on the Victoria's Secret Runway aired December 6th!!!

Joanna is a friend of mine from BDC that I dance with. She booked the majorly famous VS Fashion Show a lil while back, and I had no idea she was gonna be on until I saw her the night of. I was workin at BDC and just watchin the TV when Jill from the front desk asked Joanna when "it" was gonna be on. And I was like..."oh, what are you gonna be on?" And she just casually says the Victoria's Secret show (which please note, I've been waiting impatiently all day to see), so I was so excited to hear this. For those that don't know me, I worked retail at Victoria's Secret for 4 years and have an obsession with lingerie and VS yea, I was stoked! So I only got to see a split second of her as one of the dancing soldiers later that night when it aired (cause they were doin all these fancy shmancy camera tricks and whatnot), but I thought it was fantabulous! Anyways, basically...Joanna fulfilled my ultimate fantasy of combining my 3 favorite things...DANCING on a runway surrounded by VICTORIA'S SECRET SUPERMODELS while wearing hott-ass LINGERIE. Here are a few really really hott pics of her from the show! Isn't that so ridiculously hot? I think that's her in the front on the first pic...and then behind Karolina, Gisele, & Tyra.

New Pics

Ok, so I finally put up some new pics. It's from our night out downtown when we met up with Justin and the rest of the guys from MONTY and some of the guys from THE MATCHES after their show at The Continental. We couldn't get into the show cause tickets sold out way long before we had our chance to buy them, and the place is way too small and crowded for them to try and sneak us in. Plus, they had to worry about getting in the people from record labels looking to check them out. I'm sure that was just a task all on it's own, so we just planned to meet up afterwards. Either way though, we went to some random restaurant and a couple Irish pubs and had ourselves a merry ol' time complete with Irish Car Bombs and rowdy craziness. So if you want...the pics are now posted in the Photo Album for your viewing pleasure...enjoy!!!

PS...If you want any of my pics untagged...just email me or hit me up with an IM or somethin.


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