Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bamboozle 2010

And the time of year is here...when kids break out their favorite band t-shirts, get their farmers tan on, and listen to as many bands as they possibly could in a 48-hour period.

For me, bamboozle is somewhere I get to discover new music and hang out with old friends. Lately, I've been out of touch, so I had lots to catch up on.
We spent most of our day hanging in and outside of the Red Bull tent. Where it used to be thee location to party. ..not so much the case this year. Everyone just went there to fill up on drinks, and maybe grab a meatball or some veggies to munch on. Kinda lame and something they should work on for next year.

The real fun was obviously out in the sun.

I totally discovered Spose this bamboozle. His beats are catchy and the rhymes are clever. I may be late to the game on this one, but I'm obsessed with his single, "I'm Awesome." Must. Go. Check. Out. ...and become your favorite new jam of the summer.

This girl is my favorite, my bestie, my lazy day comrade, and so much more. Love her.

Somehow, I got lucky enough to get on stage to watch Drake's set and take a few shots. He had an insane crowd.

Even though Drake went over on his set time, Paramore still went on graciously afterwards and killed it, sending everyone home fully satisfied. I'm sad I have no photos of them, but I always have too much fun watching them play to take pictures.

Of course, the day left me way too exhausted to go for another, so no Sunday Bamboozle for me. I will get to say that I enjoyed attending Hoodwink, though (Friday night, pre-boozle style). Got to see a handful of bands play other bands' music. Obviously, my favorite was Motion City Soundtrack covering Nine Inch Nails. A solid set that I enjoyed though only knowing a few NIN songs. It sounded so rad to hear them a different brand. And then Saves The Day ended the night by covering another headliner, Weezer. Twas awesome and had fun dancing it out side stage with my ladies. Mucho amusement!

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