Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is it really true?

Sooooo...bout 1.5 times a years on average, it's been, undergoes a major change. Now, don't forget, I've been doing this since the year 2000, so you imagine what I started with (many rolls of film, a scanner, and remember geocities?) Anyways, yesterday, I took the plunge. I'm still sick to my stomach by it, but stoked out my mind at the same time...I bought my camera (a slightly earlier version, but still just as beautiful with 99% the same features and quality). Enough talking about it, I had to do it. I bought the Canon EOS 30D (saved a pretty penny from buying the 40D and spent it on more necessary accessories like a top-of-the-line flash). Btw, shhhhhh, don't tell my parents...they would kill me if they knew I spent this much money. I figure that, later down the road, this will be a huge investment for showcasing the best years of my life. It will be well worth every penny...just when I figure out how to exactly pay it off. Now, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet (dude, it's only been a day), but I will probably end up detaching my blog from my photos, so if you actually read what I think than keep bookmarked in your brain. Obviously, I've always taken photos for my friends which I plan to continue (I actually wish I could calculate how much money I spent on getting "doubles" for my friends back in middle/high school/pre-internet days), but I also want to start taking pictures for myself. I took photography classes in high school, so it's been since then that I've got the chance to get creative (a simple point-and-shoot leaves little for the creativity). I am just so eager to learn about my new fancy friend. Anyway, I'm no NickyDigital, Brad Walsh, Bronques, or Cobra Snake (yet...hehe), but I hope you appreciate the upgrade as much as I do. Also, I'm not as much present in "the scene" as they are...I honestly just like taking pictures of my friends or anything interesting I see, so basically if you find yourself present in my life, then you will probably find yourself presented in my pictures. This will be my honest attempt at becoming what I've never had the legitimacy to say...a photographer. Wish me luck. This will be a new journey.

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