Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where I'm at...

I feel like every year I step into, I find out more about myself, who I am, or the person I’m trying to become. I’m even beginning to be more comfortable with it, too, and just learning to accept myself. There comes a lot of criticism from the internet world or from people you’ve lost touch with…you almost get sucked in and start to believe what you hear. People tend to judge by the pictures they see, or misinterpret things you write about without knowing what you really meant to get across (I’m a big culprit of this…I totally say one thing, but it never tends to come out the right way). After a while, it becomes so exhausting to watch what u say and watch what you do. I think I’ve learned to just let loose and have fun, make mistakes, and be myself. I may have changed a lot over the past couple years, but there are some things that will always stay the same (if you know what I mean). I still stand for the things I believe in...for the people that really know who I am, you understand this.

It seems weird at the age of 24, I’m beginning to realize all this just now…and not to mention, I think I feel younger and younger by the day (maybe not look it or act like it…but in my sense of freedom). I’m letting go of ways I always hated to be, but didn’t know how to get away from. Wow, I’m growing up!

I’ve made so many new friends that I can’t even explain how grateful I am for. I truly do love meeting people and even just sharing and having a common connection with anyone. I’ve become so intrigued with people in general. I found friends in the city that I completely adore and hate spending any time away from. They are exactly what I needed in my life. I’ve always been so lucky to have such great friends. I’ve had people to hold me up, accept every part of me, and experience the greatest points in our lives together. I think we all compliment each other’s personalities so well…never leaving a dull moment and always having so much fun no matter what it is we do.

I don’t think I’d ever change a thing.

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