Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Love Love LOVE ARCADE!!!

I am undoubtedly obsessed with this new CD I bought a month ago from a 5-piece band called Love Arcade. I'm telling you, they're something to get into. They're fun, their lyrics are great, and it's totally dance-able. Their sound is pop with a bit of hipster flair, and the lyrics are bittersweet leaving you wanting more. Each track almost sounds like a movie, and I can so easily place myself in each one.
Originally the band began with frontman, Snowhite (yes, that's the name he goes by...I wonder if he knows the dwarfs. Ok, bad joke, I know), where he was the singer, guitarist, bass player, keyboardist, drummer, producer, engineer, mixer, videographer and graphic designer for and since then, has added 4 other guys to the lineup.
Some of my favorite tracks include Party, Open Up, Sweething, & Passenger. Has anyone else indulged in this CD yet? I'm dying to hear what people think. Check out their website complete with flying arcade games and quirky sound effects at http://www.lovearcade.net/ or befriend them on myspace at www.myspace.com/lovearcade.

They just started out on tour with Paramore, The Almost, and This Providence (obviously an amazing tour), so you should go check them out...I know I will.

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